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Spartan Sales Course

Let Patrick teach your sales people a proven selling methodology that builds competitive differentiation, prevents traditional “show up, throw up” sales behaviors, and increases sales.

Spartan Negotiation Course

Minimize discounts & concessions by mastering The Iron Triangle of sales-side negotiation—POWER, TACTICS & STRATEGY

What if you could obtain the sales skills to break free from the matrix?

Everything in life is sales. If you’re not equipped with the motivation and articulation to sell effectively, you’ll end up being a slave to those who are. 

SkillSmart in action

Microlearning via Daily
Tip Talks™

Your attention span is ~30% shorter than your grandpa’s, and it’s not your fault. Do away with long, drawn-out lectures and get right to the nectar, the pulp of sales skill development. Persuasion, motivation, and articulation, delivered daily.

Finally, a sales enablement tool worth sharing. Quick, impactful (and fun) daily sales tips starters – all with a simple text message.

Sales legends endorse the SkillSmart system

From highly motivational videos to detailed tactical skill development — SkillSmart is elevating sales professionals’ skillset — providing an exceptional sales execution and buyer experience, all over the world.

If you’re searching for a sales training and selling system to move your sales dial from Good to Great, you just found it.
Jim Collins
Author, Good to Great
SkillSmart's link between history and sales is very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle-based sales methodology and selling system.
Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
SkillSmart's books, trainings and presentation system will teach you how to double your sales, and double your income.
Brian Tracy
Author, The Psychology of Selling

Spartan Negotiation Course

Spartan Negotiation Training accelerates skill development by leveraging the most powerful improvement training model in history—the SPARTAN’S 3 pillars of performance.

SkillSmart makes qualifying, presenting to, and closing buyers a breeze.

Stop wasting energy chasing tire kickers and let SkillSmart help you identify, qualify and close the deals that’re worth your time.

SkillSmart ensures you properly prospect, qualify, and present to buyers — making closing deals a breeze when the timing is right.

Crush quota with
SkillSmart cheat sheets

In complex, committee-based B2B sales, it can be difficult to recall all the fine points to close deals. SkillSmart provides sellers with a sound gameplan for every sale. Leverage SkillSmart correctly and…

Watch your sales skyrocket!

SkillSmart is helping sellers make
thousands of deals (and dollars) a year

From dramatic reductions in lead pre-qualification time to nearly perfect experiences for buyers – SkillSmart is revolutionizing sales education for what selling can be – for companies all across the U.S.


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About Patrick Henry Hansen

Patrick founded the Spartan Sales Academy in 2000 and is the author of 6 books, including his best sellers, Spartan Sales and Spartan Negotiation.

Patrick is a dynamic trainer and charismatic keynote speaker known for his entirely unique style of using historical stories to teach modern principles of sales, negotiation, and leadership.

A former corporate sales representative, manager, and executive, Patrick increased sales revenue by over 100% in each executive position. 

Take 20 minutes for a conversation with Patrick to discuss your sales objectives.