Sales Education

Our mission is to help young minds learn sales skill and gain the best knowledge through affordable, online educational services from any remote location around the world with no hindrance. We envision a world where anyone can kickstart their sales careers and dreams with the proper knowledge, skillset, certifications, and support. 

SkillSmart takes them by surprise

We know that bored sales participants make terrible learners and to educate, you must first entertain. We use the entirely unique approach of injecting history and humor to teach and reinforce Spartan sales and negotiation principles.

Create sales champions

Do your sales representatives revert to old ways after traditional sales training?

Spartan Sales Academy clients don’t experience this frustration. Solidify Spartan sales skills with our customized training and microlearning review and reinforcement tools. 

The SkillSmart Process

The 3 Pillars of Sales Performance


Questioning, communication, objection management & closing skills


Consistent questioning, communication, presentation & qualifying methodology


Advanced objection management, negotiation, closing & leadership strategies

Our Founder,
Patrick Henry Hansen

A global leader in field sales training,
Patrick Henry Hansen is a respected corporate sales results accelerator. His work for over 25 years and six bestselling books tout endorsements from some of the world’s greatest experts on sales. Patrick has the unique distinction of being a recognized sales and negotiation expert in U.S. Federal Courts. 

Patrick rocks the room to help you focus on fulfilled sales goals and objectives
Fire-up yourself with a custom live virtual or on-site training with Patrick Henry Hansen. Live training is limited, so book soon.

Sales legends endorse the SkillSmart system

From highly motivational videos to detailed tactical skill development — SkillSmart is elevating sales professionals’ skillset — providing an exceptional sales execution and buyer experience, all over the world.

If you’re searching for a sales training and selling system to move your sales dial from Good to Great, you just found it.
Jim Collins
Author, Good to Great
SkillSmart's link between history and sales is very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle-based sales methodology and selling system.
Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
SkillSmart's books, trainings and presentation system will teach you how to double your sales, and double your income.
Brian Tracy
Author, The Psychology of Selling

Elevate individual and organizational sales performance with The Spartan Selling System™

Schedule your live on-site, virtual or blended training to boost this year’s results.

Bolster your team’s training experience with Spartan’s digital microlearning.

Spartan Sales pioneered the first microlearning review and reinforcement tools to ensure both immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption. Engage your sales reps with follow-up, bite-size, on-demand 3-minute training videos to review and reinforce initial training content.

Two decades of
sales training experience

SkillSmart’s curriculum addresses your competitors, products, location, and industry challenges. Our materials, workbook, and content is tailored to meet your exact needs.

Start-ups to Fortune 500s

Companies of all sizes apply our tactics.

For Sales Reps, Managers and Leaders

All ranks benefit from SkillSmart training.

All Sales Industries

Outwit the competitor regardless of your industry.

Take 20 minutes for a conversation with Patrick to discuss your sales objectives.