Spartan Sales Training

Let Patrick teach you a proven selling methodology that builds competitive differentiation, prevents traditional “show up, throw up” sales behaviors, and increases sales.

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Top 3 Training Objectives

  1. Master an advanced questioning, qualifying & communication methodology.
  2. Implement non-pushy, no-pressure objection management, differentiation & closing strategies.
  3. Establish a common sales language, selling methodology & unified sales system.


The 3 Pillars of Sales Performance


Communication, differentiation & closing skills


Consistent questioning & qualifying methodology


Advanced objection management & closing strategies

Top 10 Training Takeaways

  1. Increase sales with world’s #1 sales methodology! THE DNA SELLING METHOD™
  2. “Build, Balance & Maintain” seller power™ from the cold call to the close
  3. Avoid traditional “Show up, throw up” sales behaviors & stereotypes
  4. Qualify opportunities and work with high probability buyers
  5. “Ascertain the pain” linked to unfulfilled needs & unresolved problems
  6. Build competitive differentiation with valid vs. false differentiators
  7. Prevent & overcome objections with an advanced objection management strategy
  8. Overcome price-specific objections with our “Top 10 Price-specific Rejoinders”
  9. Leverage the Psychology of Buyology with assertive vs. aggressive closing tactics
  10. Shorten sales cycles with a non-pushy, friction-free, question-based closing strategy


When evaluating training options, many companies inadvertently overlook the most essential component of successful training: ENTERTAINMENT! Bored salespeople make terrible learners! To educate, you must first entertain and sellers who are laughing are more prone to learning. Patrick’s use of epic historical events, funny stories, and humorous video clips keep participants engaged, entertained and more capable of absorbing large doses of information.


To maximize the ROI and impact of your training, Spartan Sales offers full customization options that integrate product names, prices, competitors, brands and logos directly into the workbook and curriculum, making the entire learning experience more relevant, applicable, memorable and implementable.

Sales leaders worldwide leverage Spartan's Customized On-site, Virtual, Keynote & Microlearning training options

Live On-Site 

Entirely unique storytelling style, Patrick uses history and humor to keep audiences entertained, engaged, and informed. We know bored sales people make terrible learners and that to educate, you must first entertain!


Distance isn’t an issue with SkillSmart online training sessions. Sharp and quick-witted, Patrick knows how to entertain and engage salespeople in a digital environment.

Keynote Engagements

Make your event unforgettable with Patrick’s high-energy personality, entirely unique storytelling skills, sales, negotiation, and leadership topic expertise.

Microlearning Reinforcement

Kickstart your sales rep’s day with 3-minute microlearning review and reinforcement videos for immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption.

Microlearning Reinforcement

To achieve both immediate skill implementation and long-term skill adoption, SkillSmart provides a holistic training model that combines classroom instruction with a post-training microlearning program that includes daily 3-minute review and reinforcement videos.


All sales professionals appreciate being recognized and rewarded for their educational efforts. After completing the workshop and post-training eLearning program, sellers receive a signed certification diploma, high-quality medal to display, and membership in the online SkillSmart community forum.


The Spartans knew when they combined weaponry SKILLS with a standardized combat METHODOLOGY and campaign-specific battle STRATEGY that they had a SYSTEM. A calculus for winning! A formula for success. They recognized that their greatest competitive advantage wasn’t in superior numbers, brute force or bravery. It was their system. the combined training and application of skill, methodology & strategy. A system as effective for sellers as it is to soldiers, and as applicable to business as it was to battle.

The Battlefield of Business

Like war, business has allies and enemies, weaponry and strategy—battles with winners and losers. And no disrespect to accountants, but the battlefield of business is in the sales arena where there are wins and losses. Triumphs and defeats. And like ancient Spartan Warriors, modern SPARTAN SELLERS trained in the Spartan Selling System [SKILL + METHODOLOGY + STRATEGY = SYSTEM] have a distinct competitive advantage over their SYSTEMLESS colleagues and competitors who don’t.

Sales Brochure

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Fortify every stage of your sales strategy with the Spartan book series

Industry Endorsements

If you’re searching for a sales training and selling system to move your sales dial from Good to Great, you just found it.
Jim Collins
Author, Good to Great
SkillSmart's link between history and sales is very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle-based sales methodology and selling system.
Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
SkillSmart's books, trainings and presentation system will teach you how to double your sales, and double your income.
Brian Tracy
Author, The Psychology of Selling

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