Patrick’s link between history and sales is very entertaining. But more importantly, very relevant to modern sales professionals searching for a principle-based sales methodology and selling system.
Stephen R. Covey

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Be Spartan!

The Spartans were the most elite fighting force in world history. From the narrow pass of Thermopylae to the beaches of Normandy, history’s greatest commanders have deployed the Spartan’s 3 Pillars of Performance—an organizational blueprint and training model as relevant to business as it is to battle and as applicable to sellers as it is to soldiers.

“If you’re searching for a sales training and selling system to move your sales dial from Good to Great, you just found it.”
Jim Collins

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Patrick Henry Hansen

Patrick founded Spartan Sales in 2000 and has delivered over 1,200 trainings in 22 countries to hundreds of businesses worldwide. His sales training and selling system have been embraced by businesses of all sizes—from small companies to Fortune 500’s. Patrick is a recognized sales and negotiation expert witness in United States Federal Courts. He has a personal library of over 3,000 books, is a former radio talk show host, and co-founded of Green Eyes in Africa (a non-profit orphanage in Cameroon).

""If you don't train em' you can't blame em'"


Business is war, sales is the battle field...
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